​The Contractor & Business Academy is an innovative education model designed to build viable career paths and opportunities for contractors and entrepreneurs to design a sustainable practice for their small business.

​The Contractor & Business Academy was created at Metropolitan Community College to respond to the needs of employers and contractors seeking to diversify their workforce and increase the practice of supporting small business owners.  The program offers community members multiple industry- recognized credentials, while also providing the support services and employ-ability skills many individuals need to succeed.

Wo We Serve

The Contractor & Business Academy serves individuals who have been identified through local community organizations and leaders as small business owners and/or entrepreneurs seeking to bid on jobs throughout the four-county service area.

  • Individuals who demonstrate interest in the Contractor & Business Academy must register online.
  • The Academy is open to any community member seeking to build a sustainable business plan, meet industry recognized standards, and gain a stronger understanding of the legal and ethical ramifications of small business ownership and/or entrepreneurs just starting out on their own.  

Program Design

A multi-faceted curriculum was developed, which allows for a seamless transition from pre-business to sustainable business practices. 

  • In order to earn a Pre-Business Education Certificate of Completion, participants must attend all sessions.  This series of courses is essential to those business owners wanting to prepare their company for sustainability and the bidding process.  An introduction to business practice, legal structure, taxes, marketing, insurance coverage, and overall management strategies will be covered in this series.
  • In order to earn the Contractor & Business Academy Certificate of Completion, participants must attend all sessions.  This series of courses is essential to those business owners who understand their responsibilities and secures and maintains the proper required legal documentation.  An introduction to the construction industry, construction estimation and bidding process, contracts and financials, presentation of bids, and construction safety will all be covered in this series.

Accountability and Tracking

Community members will register for the non-credit classes by calling the Project Coordinator in the Health and Public Services Dean’s Office.  All records of attendance will be entered by the Project Coordinator who will work with the Inclusive Contractor Academy leadership to ensure that all requirements are met to earn the industry certificates.

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